Global Delivery

>> Global Delivery
1. Overseas payment:
    Our overseas resources enable us to provide customers with high-quality but low-cost services. We have the procedures and information system that supports overseas payment to provide customers with overseas delivery services. The combination of delivery model depends on the location of customers and available resources which can provide the best service for customers.
2. Domestic payment
    We have partners from various domestic trading platforms to provide various delivery modes for customers. We will build a complete industrial chain of talents + service + operation + delivery.
Advantages of the global delivery platform
·Efficient and quick delivery: Many delivery centers in different time zones make work handover faster.
·Problem in one delivery center results in lower risk on the project.
·Customers can make use of various quality resources: Through the overseas delivery mode, customers can access quality overseas resources.
·More convenient communication and more timely feedback: Inland and off-shore resources are also integrated into the overseas delivery mode, which shortens the communication and feedback time.