Life at Prolto

Location: HR Life at Prolto
  • Halloween in Happy Valley
    01Halloween in Happy Valley 
    Bravesdecade thriller house, explores cursed pyramid, escapes abused city, visits ghastly castle, clears wired spirit, elopes corpses, enters the mysterious labyrinth, disclose the ultimate secret……
  • Employee Travel
    02Employee Travel 
    Yearly and quarter travel made the employee happier, such as Taiwan, Zhangjiajie, Lijiang, Sanya, Thailand and other holiday resort
  • Outside Development
    03Outside Development 
    Interesting outside development relax employees, strengthen physical exercises and enhance team working.
  • Professional Trainings
    04Professional Trainings 
    Prolto invites specialists to train employees, which can establish a good study platform, strengthen professional knowledge and improve operation abilities
  • VariousOutside Activities
    05VariousOutside Activities 
    Weekly basketball, badminton, swimming and other activities, monthly birthday parties, hiking, barbecue and other outside activitie