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Relying on the rich supply chain resources and management experience of listed companies, the company integrates cross-border e-commerce resources and is committed to providing cross-border e-commerce integrated solutions for import and export trade, logistics clearance, brand promotion and agency, and supply chain finance for cross-border enterprises.

Our services

Import supply chain management services:

    Which contains clearance/storage/logistics/financial service etc. Support the whole logistics process of goods from foreign factories to consumers / sales terminals in China.

Export logistics services:

    Provide targeted logistics solutions for China's domestic e-commerce commodity exports abroad

Supply chain service

    Provide logistics monitoring, inspection and traceability management, funds and foreign exchange settlement etc

Supply chain financial products

    Provide stable cooperation customers with supply chain finance products such as executive procurement, payment advances, receivable factoring, etc。

Import & export trade

  Import: By the way of cross-border e-commerce , we bring premium foreign products into China , distributing to Chinese customers

  Our products:

    Focus on cosmetics and beauty make-ups , and continuing enrich our product lines;

  Sales channel:

    We’ve made direct supply chain relationship with China’s e-commerce platform , and we also launched our own stores on these platforms;

  Business characteristics:

    Provide brand development and promotion, market planning and marketing aggregation, sales platform docking ect.

  Export: Cooperating with China’s excellent manufacturers , targeting at bring brilliant Chinese goods to overseas market。

    Main produces:

        1、3C、phone accessories ; sports ring and some other intelligence hardware

        2、Motorcycle accessories (such as helmets)

        3、Daily chemicals and beauty make-up relatives.

        4、Any other products demand , we’ll also do our best to fulfill you.

    Sales channel:

        1、Devoting to on-line and off-line sales channels , providing diversified deal manners ; Of course , any other cooperation manners also will be approved;

        2、Nowadays , we take India and southeast Asia market as top priority.


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