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Warmly Celebrate the Establishment of "HUST- Prolto Supply Chain Management Research Center"


     By long-term research and deployment, Prolto finally established the university-enterprise cooperation relationship with Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), and signed the relevant agreements at HUST’s management school on 7th September 2015.

     HUST, as a famous university, has delivered a large number of talents to the domestic and overseas industry of science and technology. Besides, CEO Mr. Chen Shuzhi, as one of excellent HUST’s students in the 80 s, who founded Proltoand still tied to his mother school HUST, always search for the cooperation opportunities withHUST.The achievement of “HUST- Prolto Supply Chain Management Research Center”, which is one of CEO Mr. Chen’s dream to share the enterprise resources and scientific research achievements and follow the principle of complementary advantages. The establishment of HUST not only solved the professional problemsin practical operating but also provideduniversities convenient practice base, promoted their research results, and delivered a lot of win-win internships and employment opportunities.

    At afternoon, Wang zongjun, the dean of school of management in HUST, invited CEO Mr. Chen as one of the excellent graduates to participate in the 2015 opening ceremony of school of management. CEO Mr. Chen gave the speech for 2015 freshmen, shared his student and work experiences, and encouraged students to be competitive, good at transformation and summary as well as accumulate experience and resources.