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The Logistics Fair upsurge the Yangtze River Delta


     Recently, the fair committee organized a large scale promotion work in the Yangtze River delta region. This promotion has long period, wide area, various forms, and abundant harvest.

     The scope of this promotion covers major developed cities in Yangtze River delta region, such as Suzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other cities. The committee recommend Shenzhen logistics industry and logistics fair from the various approach of the exhibition, visiting customers directly, the support from local industry association.The Shanghai 3rd China international logistics, transportation and telematics expo had great success to made international logistics industries to understand and familiar with Shenzhen logistics industry and logistics fair.The promotion totally visit 35 enterprises, and most of them has great interests in Shenzhen 2008 logistics fair.

     Logistics equipment manufacturing industry is concentrated in Yangtze River delta, but the market demand of the Pearl River delta market is huge. Both strength and demand are complementary, and have opportunities to realize a win-win situation.Now,when the products of Yangtze River delta require a platform to enter the Pearl River delta market, China (Shenzhen) international logistics fair is the most ideal platform. Most Yangtze River delta enterprisesare willing to take part in China (Shenzhen) international logistics fair.